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STAGS Telford Wargame Club Autumn 2017 Members’ Newsletter




Welcome to the Autumn Newsletter.


Sundays continue to thrive with continued support for old favourites like Warhammer 40K, D&D, Star Wars X Wing, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Pokémon, Bolt Action and Team Yankee.Many people were playing Konflikt 47 to get themselves ready for the Initiative 17 event which took place at Enginuity on 21st and 22nd October and was a roaring success.


We will be issuing a separate newsletter about the Club policy on supported game systems on a Sunday which will cover existing and newer game systems.


Friday evening sessions have proved a great success. The number of people attending has grown from 12 – 15 in the early days to regularly exceeding 40. This does mean that we have to be a bit more organised than we were in the early days.


Tables will need to be laid out as we do on a Sunday, basically that means in neat lines so we can set out as many as possible. Our rent on Fridays starts at 7PM. This means that we will not open the door until 19:00 (7PM) so please don’t get there too early. Please pay your £3 entry money as you come in to the committee member on the door (usually Jeff).


The focus on Fridays is on role playing games, board games and card games. These will be given priority for table space. Systems such as Sigmar and Konflikt can be played if tables are available but no terrain boards or 3Dterrain of any typeis to be used on a Friday.


All tables and chairs need to be put away when you have finished. Please note that the hall has to be empty and locked no later than 10pm. This is the end of our rental period for the evening. You must have packed away so that you can leave the hall on time


Other Matters


Parents / carers of members with medical conditions that need supervision need to ensure that they stay with them during club sessions.


We continue to replace heavy boards with more lightweight boards and mats and are adding new terrain items. We have also provided playing mats for Pokemon games which are proving very popular.


Do you know who is leading your game system? 40K is led by Gareth Jones, Kill Team by Alan White, Age of Sigmar by James Bridgewater and Pokémon by Dawn Jones and Gavin Jones. If you play these games and have any queries, thoughts or concerns please raise them with the game lead who will talk to the full committee if needed.


You will have noticed we have more children in the hall. Please ensure that you continue to be careful of your language, tone and volume especially around then younger members.


Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about anything at the club please feel free to talk to one of the committee. We are the ones in the black STAGS shirts.


The Committee


Rob, Alan, Jeff, Roger, Carl, Spike, Tam, Gareth and James


November 2017