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STAGS Telford Wargames Club


For any extra info on club please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Hot Games at Stags
(there are many others being played but theses are HOT games at the moment)
FRIDAY'S - D&D - Star Wars Attack Wing - Age of Sigmar - Pokémon - Yu-gi-oh - Tank Wars
SUNDAY'S - Warhammer 40K (including Kill Team)- Age of Sigmar - Bolt Action  - Team Yankee - Pokémon - D&D - Gates of Antares - Flames of War - Cruel Seas
alot of these games can be played on Fridays and Sundays if there's enough gaming tables
STAGS Telford Wargame Club 
Membership Clarification 
What constitutes active membership 
Being a member of STAGS brings a range of benefits (see below). However, the benefits listed apply to active members only. This newsletter clarifies what we mean by an active member.  
Active membership means: 
  • Attending a minimum of 12 Sunday club sessions in a 12-month period and actively playing in one or more of the supported game systems.
It does not mean: 
  • Paying for annual membership but not fulfilling the attendance rule
  • coming on a Sunday but not playing supported games
  • Any attendance on a Friday.
Benefits for active members
  • 10% discount on most purchases of £10 or more at Questing Knight Games (terms and conditions apply)
  • Entitled to join in member only invitation events and tournaments
  • Such other benefits as the committee may agree during the year
These rules provide clear benefits for active members and will prevent club events and tournaments being hijacked by people paying the annual membership but not contributing to the club in any other way. 
Family membership 
We are attracting an increasing number of family groups to the club. This is something we are very keen to support as it increases the number of younger gamers who we hope will continue as club members into the future. We recognise that the cost of bringing children may put some parents off. Therefore, with effect from 1 January 2018 we will be introducing family membership. 
  • Annual membership will be £10 include first £3 entry fee except for; annual membership for children under the age of 16 of parent or guardian members will be £2.
  • Sunday attendance will remain at £3. However, child members will be £1 each when accompanying their full paying parent or guardian, otherwise it will be £3. Note, membership cards MUST be produced on entry for member rates to apply
  • Sunday attendance for non-members or members not in possession of their membership card of any age will remain at £5.
  • Attendance on Fridays will remain at £3 per person regardless of membership or age.
 Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about anything at the club please feel free to talk to one of the committee. We are the ones in the black STAGS shirts. 
The Committee 
Rob, Alan, Jeff,Carl, Spike, Tam, Gareth,Cameron
December 2017 
STAGS Constitution
 1.0 Identity.
1.1 The Club will be called STAGS.
1.2 The Club is based at Belmont Hall, New Street, Wellington, Telford TF1 1LU.
2.0 Purpose
2.1 To provide members the opportunity to participate in the hobby of Wargaming. Members will have the opportunity to participate in various scales Minature based games, collectable card games, board games and any other STAGS approved form of gaming system that promotes the hobby. 
3.0 Membership
3.1 Members of all ages are welcome to the club, any member under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst attending the club.
3.2 Membership of the club is gained by completing the membership form and receiving a club membership form. Membership is taken out on an Annual basis running for 12 months from date of purchase.
3.3 Annual Membership costs for 2017 £10.00( includes £3.00 first attendance) and will include a photo ID membership card which must be produced on entry to qualify for member entry fee.
3.4 Club Meetings are open to Non-Members, who can make use of the Club facilities upon payment of Day admission fee. Non-Members will be signed in by a current member, who is responsible for the non-members behaviour.
3.5 A record of attendance will be maintained by the Treasurer.
3.6 Admission will be at the cost for 2017 £3.00 for members and £5.00 for day members. Day members must be signed in by a current club member.
3.7 Membership of the Committee is open to members who are 16 years and above. Executive members (Account Signatories) must be 18 years and above.
3.8 If a member has a medical condition which the club should be aware of for emergency reasons if must be notified on the membership form.
3.9 Friday night STAGS are held at cost of £3.00 per person and Non members are welcome at same rate on Fridays.
4.0 Club Assets
4.1 The Assets of the club (Gaming equipment, cash in hand and case at the bank) belong to the members. All assets will be used for the furtherance of the gaming hobby as determined at the club committee meetings.
4.2 If the Club should close assets will be distributed to the current members as evenly as possible. Current Members will be those who hold a valid membership card. Assets will only be distributed to members once all outstanding debts are cleared. All members will be liable should there be an outstanding debt when the club closes. 
5.0 Club Officials
5.1  STAGS shall be run by a Committee. Of these Members there shall be one Chairman, one Treasurer and one Secretary. Other appointments will be determined as required by the Committee. Committee members will be drawn from as a wide a range of gaming knowledge and experience as possible to enable all STAGS supported game systems to be promoted.
5.2  Any prospective committee member must make clear any other affiliations or other clubs or organisations prior to standing for election.
5.3  Any prospective committee member over the age of 18 must complete a CRB check.
5.5  Official’s must attend at least 50% of club meetings in any one year to be eligible to remain on the Committee.
5.6  A minimum of three officials will be present at each club meeting.
6.0 Club Funds.
6.1  Club funds will be administered through a bank account in the club name.
6.2  There will be a minimum of three signatories to the club account, one of whom shall be the club Treasurer. Any two of the signatories must sign club cheques or sign for cash purchases.
6.3  The Treasurer will keep a record of transactions on club funds showing all credits, debits and the current balance. The record will be available for inspection by any Club member at the Clubs AGM.
6.4 The Treasurer will produce an annual statements to the club meeting confirming the financial position of the club.
6.5  A receipt will be obtained for all club expenditure, checked by the Treasurer and retained for audit purposes. If the Treasurer commits to expenditure then the receipt will be checked by a different signatory.
6.6 The club year will run from March to February. These accounts will be submitted to the AGM for approval.
6.7 Public Liability insurance and rent will be the highest priority purchases for the club. Sufficient funds will be retained to ensure that the club can covers future costs for the next two months.
6.8 Club membership and entry costs will be agreed annually at the AGM.
6.9 Should the club need to increase its charge to members within a club year this will be agreed at an Exceptional General meeting. 
7.0 Voting and club decisions.
7.1 Decisions regarding the club, including amendment of club rules, will be made by majority vote at committee meetings,
7.2 The club secretary will keep a record of decisions taken at club meetings. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.
7.3 Club meetings will occur a minimum of Bi-Monthly and will be called by the secretary in advance of the meeting.
7.4 Only current committee members may vote.
7.5 There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss the general direction of the club and forthcoming events.
7.6 Any disciplinary matters will be referred to a closed EGM. This EGM will be made up of available committee members and be heard at the next club after the suspension process is enforced (See Section 10.)
8.0 Standards of Conduct.
8.1 All members must abide by the rules of the club or will be refused admission
8.2 All members are expected to act in an appropriate manner. Any member who is deemed by the committee not to have done so will be issued with an official verbal warning. If they continue to act in such a manner then they may be banned from the club
8.3 Members are asked to dress in a manner appropriate to the venue and other members. Clothing with slogans of an offensive or insulting nature may result in refusal of entry.
 8.4 The club is designed for War gaming and members who do not play but cause interference in other member’s games will be asked to leave. If they continue to do so they may be banned from the club.
8.5 There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or visiting non-member towards any other person at the club meetings.
8.6 No member under the age of 16 years will be left unattended by less than two adults over the age of 18 years at any time.
8.7 Disagreements between club members
8.7.1 Any disagreements between members in the club must be referred to the club chairman;
8.7.2 If the Club chairman is unable to resolve the disagreement, or if personally resolved in it, the matter must be referred to the club committee.
8.7.3 All parties to the disagreement must be given reasonable opportunity to state their case.
9.0 Admission to STAGS
9.1 Admission to STAGS will be between 10:30hrs and 11:30 hrs only (Exceptions can be made by prior agreement with a committee member).
9.2 STAGS finishes at 15.30hrs – collection of members must be arranged for no later than 15.30hrs to ensure that no minors are left without adult supervision.
10.0 Suspension of members 
10.1 Suspension of membership ensures that no situation in the Club arises which could cause further concern and that no member is placed in a position which could cause further compromise, to include but not exclusive :
·         When a disagreement between adults cannot be resolved quickly. In this case the suspension is to be for a period of not more than 30 days in the first instance
When the action of an individual could seriously harm the reputation of the Gaming Club Network.
10.2 In every case membership may be suspended only by majority Committee vote.
10.3 Internal suspensions of Club members will be formalised via a closed EGM. The suspended member will be entitled to defend the reason for suspension before the committee. The suspended member may bring a witness to the EGM to ensure that the meeting is conducted in a fair manner. Members under the Age of 18 must be represented by a parent or guardian at the EGM, but will be present to provide information.
10.4 Members will be informed in writing of the reason for the suspension not less than 7 days prior to the EGM.
10.5 Reasonable opportunity must be given for the dismissed person to attend the meeting of such a committee to state a case against dismissal.
10.6 The suspended member must not participate in any activity connected with the Gaming Club Network and must not wear uniform or badges10.7 Any appoint held be regarded as vacant.
10.8 Suspension in the case of disagreement must be followed as soon as possible by conciliation and such further steps as are necessary
10.9  Following any incident of suspension of membership to an individual censure will not be lifted without the majority agreement of the Committee
10.10 Records of all suspension and disciplinary actions must be maintained by all officials involved and be available for examination by the police authorities should they be required.